Mission Partners

St T’s are committed to working in partnership with other Christians around the world.

We seek to distribute 10% of our received committed giving to our partners but our commitment is more than about giving money. As a church we seek to learn from and support our partners through regular ‘Partner Sundays’ and prayer events during the year.

Currently (2014-2018) our mission partners include:

  • Church on the Bus (social action)
  • Christian Vision for Men (evangelism)
  • Walbrook Epiphany Team (link Diocesan partner church)
  • Tear Fund (emergency relief)
  • CMS (mission partners: Paul & Sarah Tester working in Peru)
  • Christian Solidarity Worldwide (advocacy)

We also hold a Rapid Relief Fund that can be quickly targeted to programmes, projects and areas of need.

International Intern volunteers

As further commitment to learn from the wider church we as a church have decided to invite a ‘potentially significant future leader’ from each of the inhabited continents of the world to join us for 9-12 months over a seven-year programme through our International intern programme. This partnership gives valuable western experience to those who come and invaluable insights to other cultures and practices from around the world to us.

This programme is complimented by our mission’s trips. We aim to send mission teams out into the wider world every couple of years to serve and to learn.