Our Vision & Values

Who we are ….

St T’s is an Anglican church in the Diocese of Derby and we work hard to support the Diocesan vision of being “Christ’s presence in every community” by ‘Growing, Learning, Outward facing & Healthy’.

We’re a community that comes together across many different congregations, groups and activities. We see our differences as a great strength that creates room for many different people of all ages, backgrounds and understanding to grow together. Our heritage is firmly within the open Evangelical tradition and we seek to understand God in our lives through a deep openness to the Holy Spirit (charismatic).

Our Vision

The life of St T’s is shaped by the vision that motivates and inspires us, and by the values we seek to embrace. Let us tell you more about these things.

Our vision recognises God’s call on us to be:

  • Local Church [Community]We’re called to create a God-centred community that welcomes and draws in others.

  • Loving Jesus [Worship]We’re called to experience the life changing presence of God in action, prayer and worship.

  • Changing Lives [Discipleship]We’re called to equip God’s people to live confidently and effectively on the ‘frontline’ of their lives.

Our Values

Our core values are those of:

  • Hospitality we want to welcome the stranger whoever they are.

  • Generosity we want to be generous in the way we share the resources we have.

  • Excellence in all we do, we want it to be done to the best of our ability.