More than an Ironmonger

As part of the Heritage Awareness Programme, we had committed to producing a book focussing on a heritage aspect of our church and / or community.  The book ‘More than an Ironmonger’ evolved as a fitting tribute to the last ironmonger shop in Chesterfield, which happened to be placed within the community of Brampton.  It closed its doors for the last time August 2017 after the sudden death of its owner. The shop, in its 130th year, originally a tinsmith, having evolved into an ironmonger served the community for years, progressing and changing with time – supplying to demand.  The last of the Johnson ironmongers, Phil Johnson, happened also to have been church warden, estates manager of St Thomas’ Church, and church treasurer until the age of 88, when he sadly died.

The book is available for purchase from:

St Thomas’ Centre
Parsons and Dunn Newsagents
Monkey Park
Chesterfield Visitors Centre